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Power of Denpa:

Saki can detect 'Electric Pulse' or 'waves', denpa for Japanese. She states she isn't a psychic type. The 'waves' she senses are people's thoughts. It's like sensing emotions from their thoughts. She can also emit 'Poisonous Waves' at will. Think of it like a large migraine enough to bring you to your knees.

So here comes the permission....

Would you allow Saki to sense your thoughts? What are your thoughts and feelings? It can be from a particular moment or something nagging in the back of your head. Do not worry, Saki isn't the type to share a person's thought out loud. She mostly keeps it to herself.

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Name: Rubi | trashheap_angel

Thoughts: A psychic person from Rubi's canon described his 'aura' as 'the smell of sorcery,' and he also felt the presence of many souls clinging to him. I'm not sure if that would affect the waves Saki receives, but it can if you would like. If she would feel anything off the sorcery, it would be a mix of the holy and unholy type. Or light/dark etc. It's okay if her powers can't pick any of this stuff up, just dropping it here in case it can.

As for his personal thoughts and emotions, his strongest ones have to do with protection. He also has an extreme dislike for being called a puppet.

Poison Waves: I'm willing to let her do this!

Anything Else: :D
Saki can't sense the dead, only thoughts and emotions.

Like whatever he's thinking or bottled up in his mind. So if she's sensing his emotion like 'protection', it would be a soothe wave to her. She would know he hates being called a puppet.


6 years ago

Deleted comment

Don't worry Shion, Satoko will be joining in on the next app cycle. Her mun was just lazy on one part of her app. <333

Saki probably will pick up on other timelines when Shion begins to remember them or nightmares, depends on her I guess.

Thank you very much <333.
Name: Chie Satonaka | heavyheels
Thoughts: Hmm, can't really think of too much specific right now. Chie's pretty open and friendly, though she does have a serious hate-on for Adachi. -__- Not that she knows he's here yet ... But yeah. Chie's usually pretty happy & bubbly.
Poison Waves: Sure thing! But let's talk about it first.
Anything Else: OH um she's got one of them nifty Persona things uh. I'll have my own permissions post about it someday.
No worries~ Thank you.
Name: Rock Volnutt | digtastic

Thoughts: She could probably pick out a lot about his family: Roll Caskett (sister), Barrell Caskett (grandfather), and Data (robot monkey/pet/peripheral data storage device). And the Bonne Family Pirates as well: Teisel (leader), Tron (genius, has a crush on Rock), and Bon (a giant robot head, and the baby brother). Along with that, he's also lived an entire past life, in which he went by the name Mega Man Trigger and was referred to as a first class purifier unit (essentially a robot who took out other robots gone bad). In that life, she'll be able to pick out some very strong feelings toward The Master (essentially "God", father figure). There's also Yuna and Sera ("Goddesses" who watch over Terra and Elysium respectively, two different planets). This video covers the Elysium stuff.

Poison Waves: Sure!

Anything Else: The stuff related to his past life (Elysium, Mega Man Trigger) he's generally unsure about. So if she wants to sense that too, go for it!
...Can she pick up from robots? /thinks for a moment/

Lol monkey.


6 years ago

Name: Keiichi | ascendedpawn
Thoughts: Saki may have a field day with this guy. He's full of regrets, from his time shooting at little children to what he remembers from other worlds. He regrets not having been able to help Rika and Hanyuu earlier, he regrets not being able to protect some of the friends he made in Luceti (both there and in their original worlds as some are dead there). He has a tiny bit of resent against Rika and Hanyuu, still not being able to understand why they never tried to ask for their help earlier, though that may be because he doesn't remember them trying except for once before the world he's from. Keiichi's fully aware of the nature of Higurashi, with the multiple kakeras and all and even with the concept of games from Umineko and part of him considers Higurashi one of those, it's the only explanation he has, but he also tries to not think about it afraid of what he can make up from it, that doesn't mean the thought isn't there though, he just doesn't acknowledge it.
Poison Waves: If she has to XD
Anything Else: You know about the syndrome, nothing else as for now.
Oh my Keiichi, perhaps these two should play a game of cards to get all those thoughts out of his head.
So long as it's not "Old Maid"...
Name: Ange Ushiromiya / endofdaydream
Thoughts: YOU KNOW THIS CANON. Oh, and she has her ~*boyfriend*~ (Souji) here too now in deme, so feel free to pick up any lovey-dovey thoughts about his too for maximum embarassment.

Name: Jade Harley / whichofspace
Thoughts: Most of her feelings are very happy/silly/herpy derpy let's be friends!! Those kind of emotions. She has a huge love for animals and plants and all that stuff, particular her pet Becquerel (a.. sort of dog with magical teleporation/space powers, yup) from back home, even though he isn't here.

Name: Kyouko Sakura / selfished
Thoughts: YOU KNOW THIS CANON TOO. Being meguca is suffering etc. etc. Probably feelings of hunger too, considering the amount of food she eats, lmfao.

Name: Minako Aino / reloved
Thoughts: YOU KNOW ALL MY CANONS this is making all of this a lot easier. But yeah, spazziness, fangirling, general enthusiastic Minako emotions and yet sometimes also insecurity, a sense of duty, etc.

Name: Nanako Dojima / junesoholic
Thoughts: She misses her dad a lot. 8( Feel free to sense all of that. She misses her mom too, but in a different sense considering she's been dead for a long time back home too.. SHE LIKES UNICORNS A LOT. AND JUNES. (Junes is a sort of supermarket/warehouse thing in case you don't know.)

Name: Miyo Takano / ungodliest
Thoughts: Aaaand luckily you know this one too. Although I'd rather not have her confronted with people suddenly knowing her past and anything just yet since it's sort of.. a touchy subject for her.. Saki is free to know whatever about it as long as she still keeps it to herself at first. o/ She's from a canon point before she kills everyone though (after she dumps Tomitake's body in Minagoroshi-hen), so yeah, no thoughts about that just yet here.

Poison Waves: Sure, just discuss it with me in advance on plurk or aim or whatever.
Anything Else: Just like it says.
No worries, you'll get the heads up.



June 18 2011, 14:33:50 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  June 18 2011, 14:34:18 UTC

Name: Souji Seta, toplay_thefool
Thoughts: Souji's very calm, very steady, very even. She might be able to pick up on the presences of different personae in his head, though, but they're fairly quiet and keep to the background for the most part. He's very caring, very eager to help, has some anxieties about whether or not he makes the right decisions and such.

Right now one thing weighing heavily on his mind is Adachi, how to deal with him, and what it means in regards to Souji himself. Adachi's done a lot of prodding at the idea that they're similar, and Souji's trying to disregard it as Adachi trying to get a rise.

Name: Schneizel el Britannia, akingmuststand
Thoughts: It might stand out that Schneizel seems almost unnaturally calm and set about things. He thinks about a lot, and it's something like a tumult of thought, but that doesn't shake him or seem to faze him at all. Despite how friendly he tends to be, he's actually fairly isolated and detached from things.

Name: Battler Ushiromiya, beliefdenied
Thoughts: HE'S HIDING HIS USEFULNESS. Kind of. Battler has all the layers of an onion, and there's always a lot going on in his head. He can switch emotions really sharply.

Name: Sheik, theeyeoftruth
Thoughts: Sheik is very private and keeps a lot to himself. He does tend to bottle things up because of this, and that's generally pointed out in my posts/tags for him! Aside from that, one main thing frequently on his mind is that having been in another game before Demeleier, he feels sort of like he's been left behind by things.

Name: Aureln, bloodforlight
Thoughts: She tends to be a bit stoic and grumpy, but generally she still wears her heart on her sleeve. Might note that she tends to be more caring/anxious about things than she lets on.

Poison Waves: Certainly! But for anythign big obviously I'd appreciate a head's up :>
Anything Else: Nothing comes to mind!
Name: Guilford | as_you_command
Thoughts: I tend to use a lot of instrospection in Guilford's tags already (especially when I know characters to be familiar with his expressins, habits, castmates, or just the observant) so I won't TL;DR too much here. But I will say that he is normally very calm, businesslike and serious, but under all that he still experiences fear, uncertainty, anger and doubt like anyone else.

--particular doubt comes up whenever he thinks about his Geass, but I'll make special notes of that, if it should come up.
Poison Waves: Sure, if he rightly deserves it. /o/
Anything Else: Here is his application, which remains pretty much on par for his personality barring the small shifts he's experiencing from his time in Deme. Trying to be more social, less pedantic, etc.