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Saki Hanajima

[2nd Wave] [Video; Action]

[If anyone wants to meet Saki today, she will be walking around in her black dress and cloak again around town.]

Good day everyone. What pleasant waves we're having today.

Perhaps the lord would like to hire someone to guide the guests. When the guests arrive, they won't have to shout and question. It would make the lord appear awful and no manner. He'll only make them mad.

I wouldn't mind volunteering myself for this task. Although, for an important task like this, I like to equip myself for this task.

One more important matter, where to buy some black dresses and a deck of cards.
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[Guess who else is walking around. Because that's the only thing there's to do here yet until he feels more settled in and takes a stance regarding if he should be happy to be here with Shion and Rika or sad because he's not in Luceti with people who aren't even from his world but he cared for a lot anyway. Which bonds are stronger? Which are worth to treasure the most?

He's just rummaging it all until he notices Saki walking around as well.]

... Fitting attire for this place. I like it even it it seems a bit dark.
[She turns towards Keiichi giving him full attention.]

Maebara-san, good afternoon. It was what I wore at the time before I was invited here. The landlord may have said the same.

What about you... Are you fitting quite well into this place?
I don't know. It's not too different from where I was before.

[Emptier, even more rural but the emptiness is the worst part. From three hundred of people to only a hundred of them it's a noticeable drop. The fact that he doesn't really know most of them affects as well.]

I don't think I'll feel settled in until I get a good idea of what the faes do and such though, but that's natural I suppose.
[Rubi is wandering around in this black outfit and shiny dark metal wings outspread, as if they wanted to catch the sunlight.

Though he's not carrying his scythe. No need for it, at least not for the moment. He plans on exploring the village and outlying area today.

When Saki comes near, Rubi quirks his head, listening to her...]

Where are the guests to be guided?
[Ah, another being in black. Welcome to the club.]

The inn I would say. It's a good place to go after a long journey, and they have someone there to cook something.
[Eerie atmosphere gains +10 at their meeting.]

Ah, food... [There's a definite pause.] It's something I should have thought of.

[Someone hasn't eaten since he arrived a few days ago.]

Is there a price?
As there are no stores in Demeleier, you will be hard-pressed to "buy" much of anything.

...however, there is a young man here with whom you might be able to barter with to make you new clothing.
I see. May I have this young man's name?
Kanji Tatsumi. It was a few weeks ago that he was offering such services, so I cannot promise supplies are still available, but perhaps some arrangement can be made.
Thank you for providing me with helpful information. May you have pleasant waves.


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[ Yes, Saki, color Minako confused. ]

Wait, what lord were we talking about again..?
I suppose we could say landlord.

... Have we met before?
Wait, there's a landlord?! But I haven't been paying any rent!

Oh, I don't think so! I'm Minako, nice to meet you!
Really, I wonder what they would say about that.

Minako... [...] Hello Minako-san, I'm Saki Hanjima.

[ video ]


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A deck of cards? May I ask what for?